To enter, purchase a limited edition Movies Brand VHS tape here. Each tape contains a Movies Brand canon movie and the chance of winning the big prize. Only 29 tapes will be sold.  

The winner receives:

-1 Free Tour of the Movies Brand factory (my apartment) for you and a grandpa of your choice. *travel to Brooklyn, NYC not included **other guest may be accepted if both grandpa's are deceased.

-The Complete Season 2 Lineup including 

  • 1 Movies Winter Hat
  • 1 Movies Sweatshirt
  • 1 Movies Blanket
  • 2 Movies Shot Glasses
  • 1 Movies Pin

+ The original movies hat

+ Official "Big Winner" certificate.

Wow, that's over $125 in prizes!

Congratulations to the big winner.

If you receive the winning tape, fill out the form below and say "I Won!" in the message box. Congratulations!!!

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