Ghost -- Love After Death

The Oscar-winning classic Ghost brought America to tears in 1990. It’s a sad story of a young banker who gets murdered and comes back as a ghost to help his wife Molly through the grieving period. It’s a true tear-jerker and women flocked to see Patrick Swayze heat up the screen, but it’s also good for the fellas because of its terrific special effects, which guys love, and the scintillating Demi Moore. In my new video essay, I explore the ins and outs of this incredible movie. Of course, the iconic pottery scene, but also some other parts, like Swayze learning to be a better ghost, and the excellent supporting role of Whoopi Goldberg, famous for being a nun in Sister Act. As always, this is a great opportunity to revisit this movie by Joel Schumacher. Just don’t forget your box of Kleenexes for your tears. Thanks for watching.

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Kentucker Audley