Liar Liar and the Importance of Family

Every once in a while, an actor will come around who is so funny that he can practically carry a movie with his awesome funny faces and terrific physical moments. Jim Carrey is one such actor. It’s almost as if he’s been sent to us by the gods of comedy to brighten up our lives by the sheer force of laughter. In this movie, Liar Liar, he also shows us that he can been serious sometimes too, like when he’s sad that his son doesn’t like him anymore. Speaking of his son, that’s really what this movie is all about. It’s about the importance of family, even though it’s a little messed up because Jim Carrey is divorced, and he’s a huge liar. That is, until his son does something very sneaky, which is putting a curse on his own dad that makes him have to tell the truth for one day. As you can imagine, this puts him in a lot of hot water because he relies on lying so much throughout his life. Well anyway, I hope you enjoy my video essay on this funny and emotional movie directed by the Farrelly brothers.