Statement Regarding "The VR Bet"

In October of 2015, I made a stupid bet that jeopardized the future of Movies Brand. As you probably know, I lost the bet. Technically this means that the Virtual Reality expert (and a former guest on my Kickstarter update video) won control of the entire Movies Brand name and operation. You may have been wondering why Movies Brand has been functioning normally in the ensuing months with myself still at the helm. Well that’s because Albert sees no future in Movies Brand and does not care to claim it, calling it “a ridiculous waste of time and effort” with “clearly no potential of being an actual business”. The only thing I had to do to take back full legal ownership was to look Albert in the eyes and say, “Virtual Reality is the future”. It was not without hesitation that I uttered the phrase, but I assured myself to see the forrest through the trees, and he didn’t say anything about me having to mean it. So I did in fact utter the untrue sentence, but I assure you, I did NOT mean what I said. And I’m happy to put the chapter behind me. It was not my proudest moment to say the least. 

Sincerely, Kentucker